HMRC’s online services are back to normal

“I’m pleased to say the availability issues with the Live service have now been resolved and service restored.
Thank you for your continued patience, and apologies for the inconvenience caused.”
Communications, HM Revenue & Customs
HM Revenue & Customs recently reported a service outage which affected all online services (PAYE, CIS, Subcontractor Tax Treatment Verifications, VAT, Pensions, CT, etc) and online filing products, including Gateway Solver.

The service outage was the longest break in online filing service since the introduction of new CIS in 2006 and lasted over 48 hours, affecting all online submissions from early on Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon.

What to do if you haven’t filed Monday or Tuesday this week

Absolutely nothing, this HMRC outage only affected online filing submissions in the last 48 hours.

What to do if you have filed and you have not received a confirmation email

Please re-attempt your submission again.

What to do if you have received an “Internal Server Error” response to an online filing submission?

We have reached out to all customers whose submissions failed due to this error caused by HMRC’s service outage to advise. In some cases, filing again is appropriate.

If you are in any doubt or have any questions please get in touch with our friendly support team (contact details below)

We hope that the next time we update is with better news!

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