Satisfaction Guarantee

Evolved Software develops quality software by software engineers with vast experience in developing software for Windows and a variety of mobile platforms. We are so confident that we can offer the best or better than industry-standard implementations that we stand by our solutions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Try Evolved Software: 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

We are certain that with proper requirements analysis, design, development and testing, that we will deliver the benefits and results that customers expect from their technology partners. If any issue arises, we are committed to assist in solving them. And, if you don’t see satisfactory results within 60 days of the date you sign our agreement, we will refund your money.

  • We guarantee that all of our products and services will be of the highest industry standard
  • We guarantee that all deliveries will be made to time and within budget as agreed by both parties
  • If the product does not meet the earlier agreed specification, then you do not pay.
  • If a meeting or appointment is agreed and scheduled and we do not meet the meeting, you don’t pay for it
  • If any defects are found in our workmanship they will be corrected at our own cost
Evolved Software Satisfaction Guarantee Terms and Conditions

For Evolved Software “Guaranteed Performance” Partners:

Evolved Software Studios Ltd will refund all or part of the costs associated with our product and implementation services (materials and third party charges such as server hosting fees are non-refundable) when the following criteria are met:

  • The cancellation/refund request is made within 60 days of contract signing
  • An implementation package was purchased through Evolved Software Studios Ltd (this will be shown in your contract)
  • All scheduled implementation and consulting sessions that are part of the Implementation Package have been completed
  • All relevant training has been completed
  • Your account with Evolved Software is in good standing
  • A reasonable attempt has first been made to resolve support issues and/or workarounds
  • The product or service does not meet the agreed functional specification