Bespoke Software

Tailored software for a perfect business fit

Technology is our business and it is also our pleasure. We work collaboratively with you to ensure that the deliverable solution fits your business perfectly and delights your users.

A well designed system will pay for itself quickly by increasing productivity, and freeing up members of staff to concentrate on other areas of the business.

We have been developing reliable and cost-effective bespoke software for Microsoft Windows since 2003 (and our developers for longer than that!).

How do we ensure that the software is exactly what you want?

The name of our company should give that away; we’re Evolved Software and we evolve the product continually to a point that you’re happy with it.

We follow an “agile methodology” which means that we deliver a prototype very early on in the process so that you can sample it and are informed in the development process from earlier on than other project management methods. Since you’re involved, you can become more familiar with the software and the software adjusted and tailored to you. We deliver you a solution incrementally so you can see it start, grow and evolve so it fits your business perfectly.

The first deliverable, or “release”, contains some basic functionality and with each subsequent release more functionality is added and any defects are resolved until the deliverable is refined, polished and completed.

The steps involved

Initial meeting

We meet with you usually for about an hour to get an overview of your business and how you work and the requirements that you have. It might be to make changes to your existing IT solutions or to implement something new or a combination of the two. We will take some notes at this stage and we will share some ideas of things you can do and get your feedback on your wishlist.

Initial proposal

We will deliver you an initial proposal which is a brief on our recommended solutions; we give guides for timescales, costs and aim to give several options. If you are happy with the proposal in entirety or in part we can start the project. We are aware that you may wish to make changes along the way and we plan for this in our proposal as well as development team working practices.

(It’s it is a large project – a Functional Specification may have to be written next, otherwise the base-line functionality for the quotation is described in the initial proposal).

Design and Development

We start work to translate ideas into the product. This is a collaborative process as we aim to get the first release out to you quickly. This first release may be within a few days and we will iteratively and automatically update the release with your requested functionality in several iterations. Depending on the scale of the project, there may be milestones with associated invoice payments as we deliver on your requested functionality.


Once fully developed we will work with you to deliver the finished product and provide installation and training and support.

Sign Off

If you are happy that we have delivered what we promised and that it is bug free, we will ask you to sign off on the project and invoice you for the final costs.

Further Development

Once the product is in use you will undoubtedly have some feedback and ideas on how to improve it. Well designed software should be able to accommodate your ideas and changes and evolve (hence our name!) to meet changing requirements. Your ideas will become the next development project and the development cycle repeats.

Maintenance and Support

We will offer you a variety of maintenance and support packages to keep your solution working in the very best of health. Routine post-delivery servicing is part of what keeps the solution working as planned. We include a period of ongoing maintenance and support with all of our solutions and are happy to offer you ongoing support arrangements which are all detailed in the initial proposal.

Intellectual Property

We understand that your business processes and any ideas are important to you. So we hand over to you the intellectual property rights to the deliverable of your bespoke solution at the end of the project. We also hand over any source code for the project so that you are not tied in to using us for ongoing maintenance and support. We hope that you will choose Evolved Software in the future for your development needs, but we believe firmly in giving our customers a free choice.

Bespoke Software

For us, bespoke software means crafting a finely produced solution built on a collaborate approach with our customers. We learn from you how your business works and intricately craft responsive and reliable software that is a perfect business fit.


Over the past 15 years, we have developed a keen understanding of what makes software look good and fun to use. Our UI design team create engaging user experiences that will have your staff looking forward to using it.


We pride ourselves on our quality and precision. That is why we are the only vendor on the Isle of Man, and one of the only vendors in the UK to actually offer a real 100% money back guarantee. We test our software for defects meticulously and don’t expect you to have to. Where you find a fault, we fix it at our own cost.