Software Testing

You can be confident in the reliability of your IT systems with our testing strategies. Our testing process will produce a comprehensive picture of the quality of your solution and optimise and carry out the following testing and quality assurance services;

Functional Testing

You cannot afford to use or go to market with an application or solution without making sure that every aspect of your solution works and that each of the functions of the system perform exactly as the user expects.

Performance Testing

Your system needs to be able to cope with an increase in users and data. We perform stress testing to carefully find the limits of your system by pushing it until it stops performing as it should, or it breaks. We conduct careful load testing to help you plan your investment and infrastructure (capacity planning) and save money by determining what loads your existing architecture and infrastructure can currently take. We also test the endurance of the system by running load tests that map different scenarios of user behaviour.

Isolation Testing

Usually a performance problem is noticed when one aspect of a system is slower than the others. This is the bottleneck. We can identify bottlenecks with a variety of systems by isolating and testing components of the system individually.

System/Server Monitoring

Systems with servers or databases often go through a load pattern that changes throughout the day. By monitoring your server and database queries we can locate and report on memory leaks, performance drops, identify denial of service attacks and get a profile of your current infrastructure’s capacity.

Best Practices

We spend half a day every week on Continual Professional Development (CPD); writing new code, trying new things, trying new languages and honing our skills. We aspire to be the best developers that we can be.

Vendor Certified

Vendor certifications are useful – we have them – but far more useful is strong industry experience, gained from working with multiple teams on several projects over many years.

The Future

We are constantly looking for new technologies; 3D Printing, The Internet of Things, Electronics Prototyping, Smart Devices. We can then offer the benefit of these technologies to our customers to improve their businesses.