Replay your flights in Google Earth

I have been asking / looking for this very product for months now. I love it. I fly a lot of long airline routes and it is great to be able to keep track of my flights this way. It replaces another program that I was hanging onto mainly for the mapping function. Very excellent!
Tim Capps
Very good. It makes you realise how bad the scenery is in FSX. It also helps to see how “unsquare” my circuits are! An excellent product.
Nigel Jones
Greetings Mike, you did an outstanding job. I was looking for an addon like this for ages, and I found a better one here than I expected to!

FSX Google Earth Flight Recorder allows any player of Flight Simulator X to record the flight path of their plane and plot the path in Google Earth.

FSX Google Earth Flight Recorder lets you review:

  • Long distance flights
  • Takeoffs and landings
  • Approaches and holding patterns
  • Re-live your flights!

And best of all – FSX Google Earth Flight Recorder is FAST; no performance hit!

Use Google Earth controls to spin around for a closer view…

A quick flight over Heathrow (LHR)

Your flight recording will be saved as a Google Earth .kml file, which shows your flight path as a 3D plotted line. Any computer with Google Earth can view these files.

Sample Google Earth Files: HeathrowManila To Loakan

Release details
Version 1.9
Released 29th December 2017

System Requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10 with Flight Simulator X and Google Earth
Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1

Instant download – get your copy today!