Data Migration

Migrating from legacy to new systems can be complicated and disruptive to business.

We have experience of migrating data between a wide variety of database management systems and disparate flat file (or simple Microsoft Office or Excel files!) systems.

Evolved Software Studios has developed many solutions over the years to make migrating from one data source to another as painless and trouble-free as possible. Most projects we encounter require moving data from one source to another and often new developments require moving large amounts of data from a legacy database or “just a bunch of files” into a modern, future-proof format such as a cloud or in-your-office hosted Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server platform.

Click here for more information on choosing a database management system.

We are able to help you;

  • Reduce costs by using your existing storage infrastructure
  • Perform test data migrations and run systems in parallel or migrate entire systems out of business hours such as overnight or at weekends.
  • Deploy integration services to allow you the benefit of a modern internet-enabled data platform while still retaining your existing legacy systems. This way, “nothing changes” operationally and you gain the benefit of being able to add on additional software services, reporting, external platforms, “Apps” for your customers and suppliers and so on.

How can we assist you with the challenges of your data migration?

Careful selection of database options

We keep the latest knowledge on best database practices and available products so that we can match what’s available to your requirements.

Vendor certified

We use Microsoft and Oracle certified developers who understand the capabilities and limits of the vendor platforms to get the very best performing and reliable designs and code made.

The future

We host both SQL Server and Oracle databases on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, giving up to 100% availability and the ability to dynamically scale the server hardware to ensure operational reliability at peak times and low costs during off peak times.