Code Review

What’s a code review?

The purpose of our code review process is with a focus on;

  • Shipping great code which is reliable
  • and performs well
  • and meets the agreed requirements

Our three stage approach to code review

  • Documentation / Requirements Check
    • Determine the existence and quality of and contents of system documentation.
    • These requirements and designs inform the code audit.
  • Automated code analysis
    • We use a variety of tools in order to determine some base-line code metrics and to visually map the solution.
  • Detailed code analysis
    • We check for the use and mis-use of design patterns, object-orientated best practices and compliance with internal quality requirements and unit tests.

We offer code audit services for the following languages

  • Visual Basic.NET
  • C#

In languages which we are not as familiar, we work closely with other technology partners and subcontractors who we appoint to review our code. All of our code is reviewed.

Clearly, regular internal code review is a positive and encouraging process however it often helps to have a “second opinion” or a “second pair of eyes” to spot issues that may have been overlooked by an internal-only development team.

Best Practices

We spend half a day every week on Continual Professional Development (CPD); writing new code, trying new things, trying new languages and honing our skills. We aspire to be the best developers that we can be.

Vendor Certified

Vendor certifications are useful – we have them – but far more useful is strong industry experience, gained from working with multiple teams on several projects over many years.

The Future

We are constantly looking for new technologies; 3D Printing, The Internet of Things, Electronics Prototyping, Smart Devices. We can then offer the benefit of these technologies to our customers to improve their businesses.