The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak is already having a significant impact on businesses across the UK.

In this update, we will explain the measures that we are putting in place to safeguard our team and to look after our customers.

Looking after our team

As of today, all Evolved Software staff are working remotely from home. We are well set up to do this as our long-serving staff have worked remotely since 2003. Our experience in remote working and our investment in tools and technology means we don’t anticipate any impact on our Gateway Solver services or our customer support.

By and large, it’s business as usual for us here at Evolved Software.

Looking after our customers

Many of our customers rely upon our services for the submission of online tax returns.

Your staff working from home

We know that many of our customers will have employees working from home over this period and you may be concerned about your business continuity, especially if your staff haven’t worked from home before.

The good news is that we can support your staff who are about to work from home in the same way as we do today.

We will extend your technical support cover to employees and staff working from home during this time.

Your online tax filing;

  • Real-Time Information (RTI)
    Your RTI submissions are fully automated and will not require any further changes for staff working from home.
    If you currently use the Gateway Solver desktop application to make RTI submissions, then your staff may download and install Gateway Solver on their home computers.
  • VAT
    Our popular VAT Solver Pro for Making Tax Digital product is straightforward to use. Your staff may download and install VAT Solver Pro on their home computers and log in and file VAT, view liabilities and payments and view previously filed VAT returns all as though they were in the office. You will need your HMRC government gateway username and password. You will also need access to the mobile number used by HMRC to receive the two-factor-authentication six-digit code by SMS.
  • CIS
    If you currently use the Gateway Solver desktop application to make RTI submissions, then your staff may download and install Gateway Solver on their home computers. You will need your online filing credentials.

If you require assistance with installing Gateway Solver or VAT Solver Pro on a Windows desktop or laptop at your employees’ home, please email [email protected] so that we can arrange to do this for you remotely during a 5-10 minute remote support session. We can also arrange to do this in the early morning or evening.

Changes for 2020-2021

Those requiring the technical details of the PAYE changes for 2020-2021 have received copies of our guidance. If you would like a copy, please email us at sup[email protected], and we’ll send it to you.

How to contact us for support

Please use our support desk to contact us.


1) [email protected] for technical assistance


2) [email protected] for sales and new business

We are anticipating increased volumes of support queries over the coming months, and we will respond to questions in the order received. You can help us to help you by providing as much detail as possible about your query when you get in touch so that we have everything we need to attend to your issue.

The next few months are going to be a difficult and uncertain time for many of us, and Evolved Software will be here to look after you as best as we can.

Mike Wilson
Evolved Software Studios Ltd