About Us

Our Guarantee

Evolved Software Studios is an independent software company founded in 2003 in the UK by two friends from university who wanted to do something fresh and challenging. We provide off-the-shelf software and bespoke software (built from scratch for our customers) as well as consultancy, design and support services.

Evolved Software Studios is an expert in online filing and tax compliance, having provided software compliant and recognised by HM Revenue & Customs since 2004.

We have provided software products and services in many different clients and industries from;

  • Public Sector
    • Local Government: City and County Councils
    • National Health Service
    • Police Information Technology Office
    • Ministry of Defence
  • Finance
    • International Banks
    • Stockbrokers
    • Corporate Service Providers
    • Payroll Companies
    • Accountants
  • Construction Industry
    • Housebuilders
    • Engineering
    • Plant Hire Companies
  • Broadcast TV (live Sky quiz show)
  • Small and Medium Businesses

In 2014, Evolved Software Studios made a move to the Isle of Man, a beautiful and independent self-governing small island in the middle of the Irish Sea. We can now offer our tech-city expertise to the Manx business community in addition to serving our UK customers.

We are a mere 30 minutes from Manchester, and with 60 minutes to London with regular daily flights to regional airports and London Gatwick and City, it is often quicker for us to get between the island and our UK customers than it was when we were based in the UK.

We are an independent, British, software development studio and can provide many types of technical solutions for youCheck out our portfolio to see what we’ve done for other businesses, or have a look at our various software and hardware services. Try us risk-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Where’s the Robot Monkey? (our old logo)

He evolved.

Our original Robot Monkey was our logo from 2003 however in 2014 he lost his tail (… and most of his body) and grew a third leg!