Reporting & Business Information

Every business needs to get the right information to the right person and the right time. The quality of management information is critical to deliver the best possible

You can easily tell if your business would benefit from upgrading your existing business information and reporting; if you answer “no” to the following two questions;

  • Do we have the right information at the right time to run the business?
  • Are our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) transparent and do we know what their values are right now?

If you answer “yes” to the next two questions, it might just be time to invest in upgrading your business information systems;

  • Does someone have to launch Microsoft Excel to crunch the numbers to produce the information that the business needs?
  • Is too much time spent producing the reports than gaining real insight?

We can assist you with;

  • Analysing your existing requirements and working with you to identify time-intensive tasks
  • Designing and implement automation to save you time and effort so that you can save your time for making decisions on the important business numbers (and not on getting there..)

For example;

  • Implementing automated Crystal Reports* to ensure that the internal business reports and accounts are produced and emailed to the business management for 9am every Monday morning.
  • Developing a bespoke Windows Desktop application to show a real time dashboard, to visualise data, show key performance indicators and allow reports to be exported, emailed and printed.
  • Installing physical “airport lounge” style KPI screens in an office environment to display real time business information (such as value of sales made today/this week, number of visitors on the website or social media, unanswered support tickets or calls, calendars and appointments, etc).
  • Deploying Smartphone Apps for management, suppliers or customers to access and edit some data, as well as for pushing alerts and notifications to key individuals or teams.

Ensuring that your business has access to the correct information at the correct time will guarantee a return on investment!

How can we help your business save money, help you know exactly where you are with your key performance indicators and automate your repetitive office tasks?

* Other reporting solutions are available: We regularly use Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Access Reports, SAP Lumira, Microsoft Office (via automation) and more.

Printed, Emailed, Scheduled Report Documents

Live Business KPI Dashboards

Careful selection of database options

We keep the latest knowledge on best database practices and available products so that we can match what’s available to your requirements.

Vendor certified

We use Microsoft and Oracle certified developers who understand the capabilities and limits of the vendor platforms to get the very best performing and reliable designs and code made.

The future

We host both SQL Server and Oracle databases on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, giving up to 100% availability and the ability to dynamically scale the server hardware to ensure operational reliability at peak times and low costs during off peak times.