We have released Gateway Solver 2.45 “Transaction Engine”

There are plenty of new changes, bugfixes and performance improvements and lots of under the hood improvements to get us ready for Gateway Solver 3.0.

The most important update of all; if you’re not yet using our Gateway Solver cloud service to send your Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) or Value Added Tax (VAT) submissions, you will need to install this update before February. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have migrated away from the Government Gateway (which had remained in place for over ten years) and their new product, based upon the previous Government Gateway is called the “Transaction Engine”, which is the same name as our release :-).

To get the update, simply launch Gateway Solver and follow the prompts.

Once updated to 2.45 “Transaction Engine”, you will be set to continue filing online.

Happy filing!